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Solar Panel in Bangladesh

Solar energy goes back more than 100 years ago. In the early days, solar energy was used previously for the production of steam which could then be used to drive machinery. But it wasn’t until the discovery of the “photovoltaic effect” by Edmond Becquerel that would allow the conversion of sunlight solar electric energy. Becquerel’s discovery then led to the invention in 1893 by Charles Fritts of the first genuine solar cell which was formed by coating sheets of selenium with a thin layer of gold. And from this humble beginning would arise the device we know today as the solar panel.

Industrial 20KW Solar Power System in Bangladesh

Solar Panel in Bangladesh

In 1839, a French Scientist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. Photo means “light” and voltaic means “electricity” in Latin, photovoltaic means electricity from light. Solar Panels are an arrangement of solar cells mounted in a frame and covered with glass. It is also known as Solar PV Modules, solar plates which converts sunlight into electricity. It is a clean and renewable source of energy which reduces carbon emission, reduces electricity bill for a homeowner, and has a life expectancy of 25-30 years.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Photovoltaic Power System Diagram

Solar panels collect clean renewable energy in the form of sunlight and convert that light into electricity which can then be used to provide power for electrical loads. Solar panels are comprised of several individual solar cells which are themselves composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous (which provides the negative charge), and boron (which provides the positive charge). Solar panels absorb the photons and in doing so initiate an electric current. The resulting energy generated from photons striking the surface of the solar panel allows electrons to be knocked out of their atomic orbits and released into the electric field generated by the solar cells which then pull these free electrons into a directional current. This entire process is known as the Photovoltaic Effect. An average home has more than enough roof area for the necessary number of solar panels to produce enough solar electricrity to supply all of its power needs excess electricity generated goes onto the main power grid, paying off in electricity use at night.

In a well-balanced grid-connected configuration, a solar array generates power during the day that is then used in the home at night. Net metering programs allow solar generator owners to get paid if their system produces more power than what is needed in the home. In off-grid solar applications, a battery bank, charge controller, and in most cases, an inverter are necessary components. The solar array sends direct current (DC) electricity through the charge controller to the battery bank. The power is then drawn from the battery bank to the inverter, which converts the DC current into alternating current (AC) that can be used for non-DC appliances. Assisted by an inverter, solar panel arrays can be sized to meet the most demanding electrical load requirements. The AC current can be used to power loads in homes or commercial buildings, recreational vehicles and boats, remote cabins, cottages, or homes, remote traffic controls, telecommunications equipment, oil and gas flow monitoring, RTU, SCADA, and much more.

The Benefits of Solar Panels

Using solar panels is a very practical way to produce electricity for many applications. The obvious would have to be off-grid living. Living off-grid means living in a location that is not serviced by the main electric utility grid. Remote homes and cabins benefit nicely from solar power systems. No longer is it necessary to pay huge fees for the installation of electric utility poles and cabling from the nearest main grid access point. A solar electric system is potentially less expensive and can provide power for upwards of three decades if properly maintained.

Besides the fact that solar panels make it possible to live off-grid, perhaps the greatest benefit that you would enjoy from the use of solar power is that it is both a clean and a renewable source of energy. With the advent of global climate change, it has become more important that we do whatever we can to reduce the pressure on our atmosphere from the emission of greenhouse gases. Solar panels have no moving parts and require little maintenance. They are ruggedly built and last for decades when porperly maintained.

Last, but not least, of the benefits of solar panels and solar power is that, once a system has paid for its initial installation costs, the electricity it produces for the remainder of the system’s lifespan, which could be as much as 15-20 years depending on the quality of the system, is absolutely free! For grid-tie solar power system owners, the benefits begin from the moment the system comes online, potentially eliminating monthy electric bills or, and this is the best part, actually earning the system’s owner additional income from the electric company. How? If you use less power than your solar electric system produces, that excess power can be sold, sometimes at a premium, to your electric utility company!

There are many other applications and benefits of using solar panels to generate your electricity needs – too many to list here. But as you browse our website, you’ll gain a good general knowledge of just how versatile and convenient solar power can be.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Prices for solar panels has decreased substantially in the last couple of years. This is great because, combined with the 30$ federal solar Investment Tax Credit and other applicable incentives, NOW is the best time ever to invest in a solar power system. And, consider this: a solar power system costs about the same as a mid-sized car!

Where can I buy solar panels?

Solar Panels

Well, right here on this website, of course!

Our solar panel brands include the most respected manufacturers in the solar panel business. These brands include such names as BP Solar, General Electric, and Sharp, among others. We feature only the highest quality solar panels from manufacturers with a proven track record in solar panel technology. With over 30 years in the solar panel business, you can be sure that at, we know solar panels!

Solar Panel in Bangladesh

Solar Panel in Bangladesh

Types of Solar Panels ?

  • Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel – Made of pure Silicon cells, that generates  higher power, Made of Mono Perk cells with size 156 mm and 156 mm, it looks blackish in colour
  • Poly Crystalline Solar Panel – A traditional solar panel which is commonly used, less expensive and Lowers power generation 

Polycrystalline Vs Monocrystalline

CriteriaMono-Crystalline panelsPoly Crystalline panels
EfficiencyHigh efficiency 17-20%Less efficiency 13-16 %
Design & LooksMade of single silicon cells – all cells are black in colourMade of multiple silicon cells – looks blueish in colour
SpaceOccupies less rooftop spaceTakes more space
PerformancePerforms better even in low lightLow efficiency in cloudy weather
PriceExpensiveRelatively low price

Solar Panel Price in Bangladesh 2021

Solar panel standalone is off no use, to use electricity from a solar panel, it has to be connected with solar inverters and battery too if power storage required. Solar panel forms two types of solar system 1) on-grid solar system and 2) off-grid solar system, the price of the solar system in 2021 ranges between 50tk – 85tk per watt depending upon which brand of solar panel you buy, the other factor which affects price of the solar panel is its efficiency, size and delivery location. Solar panel prices are measured in per watt price, the price of solar panels will go down if you buy in bulk and it depends upon the efficiency of solar panel and warranty offered on it.

Best Solar Panel List in Bangladesh, 2021Latest Price
30 Watt Solar Power Home System৳ 17,000
Commercial 8KW Solar Power System৳ 650,000
40-Watt Solar Power Home System৳ 19,000
Commercial 1KW Solar Power System৳ 70,000
Commercial 2KW On-Grid Solar Power System৳ 180,000
Solar Panel Price in Bangladesh, Solar Panel in Bangladesh

Solar Panel Price in Bangladesh, Solar Panel in Bangladesh

Solar Panel Price in Bangladesh :

Solar Panel Price ListLatest Price
30 Watt Solar Power Home System৳ 17,000
Commercial 8KW Solar Power System৳ 650,000
40-Watt Solar Power Home System৳ 19,000
Commercial 1KW Solar Power System৳ 70,000
Commercial 2KW On-Grid Solar Power System৳ 180,000

Maintenance of Solar Panels

Solar panels are low maintenance products; however, it is important to clean solar panels on a regular basis to clear off the dust particles that get accumulated on it. A Cleaner solar panel might generate up to 25% more power. The cost of maintaining solar panels is near to zero (0) or a few hundred Taka a year.  Most solar panels have silicon cells laminated and framed which ensures long life and less maintenance. Cleaning and washing solar panels are a must for longevity and retaining efficiency.

  • Keep Solar panels out of the shade
  • The best way to clean the solar panel is by using soft cloths, shampoo, or detergent
  • Clean in a way that it may not scratch the glass

Best Solar Panels for Home in Bangladesh 2021

In a Solar system, Solar panel is the main component, the best solar panel is decided based upon the performance of a solar system, Build Quality, Serviceability, Power Generation Output, per watt price, here is the list of Best Solar Panels with reviews.

Solar Panels – FAQs

#1. How many KW Solar Panels do I Need for My Home?

The selection of solar panel depends on two factors

a) In Case of Power Failures – The solar panels require is 3 times of battery Capacity, so for example, you have 2 battery of 150 Ah in your home, you should install 3* 150 Ah = 450 watts of solar panels.

b) In case of Saving Electricity Bill: Look at your power bills and check how much units you consumed during a month, let’s assume, 300 units (kWH) in a month, so solar panels requirement will be

Solar Panel Requirement = Total power consumption in a month (kWH) / 30 days *4 units power generation per kW. So, in this case, it should be 300/30 *4 = 2.5 kW, i.e. 2500 watts.

#2. Does Solar Panel Work During the night, Monsoon?

Solar panels will produce comparatively less energy during monsoon. More sunlight better your solar panel works. Shades, clouds, and monsoon do affect the performance of solar panels. Amount of electricity is directly related to the amount of sunlight that falls on solar panels.

#3. What is the Average Lifespan of a Solar Panel?

Most of the solar panels come with 25 years warranty in India. However, the lifespan of a solar panel can go up to 30 years depending upon brand and quality.

#4. How much 1 kW solar panel power generates and how much space it takes in the installation?

1 kW = 1000 watts, 1 kW solar panel generates on an average 4 kWh in a day depending upon weather conditions, in a sunny day it might generate up to 5 Units, while in winter or cloudy weather, the power generation could be lower up to 3 units a day.

1 kWH = 1 unit = 1000 watt

A solar panel has a standard length of 2 meters and a width of 1meter. Installation of 1 kW solar panel requires 3 solar modules, the space taken by 1 kW solar panels shall be

Solar panel size * No. of panels

2 meter * 1 meters * 3 panels = 6 square meters.

#5. How Much Money Will I Save with Solar Panels?

300 watts panel will save around 500taka per month on average. More the number of panels more electricity you can produce and which will result in more savings. A 1kVa on-grid system can save around 1500tk per month.

#6. Can the solar panel be installed without Inverter and battery for day uses?

Solar panel is a source of DC electricity, the appliances such as Fan, Television, lights that we use in our home is AC, 230 volts (alternating current) electricity, The DC power could be used directly with solar panels while using AC electricity, It is must use Inverters.

#7. Can I run a ceiling fan directly from solar panels during day time?

Solar generates a direct form of electricity, to use a fan on solar, an inverter is a must, a Fan cannot be used directly from solar panels.

#8. How the efficiency of the solar panel is calculated? 

The efficiency of the solar panel is the way to calculate the density of solar module. For example, you have a solar panel that is 1 meter long and 1 meter wide produces 1000 watts, this would be called 100% efficiency of solar panels.

The Formula for calculating solar panel efficiency is

Efficiency % = (Power)/ (Length) * (Width) * (1000 watt / sq. meter)

  • Power – the power rating of solar panels in watt.
  • Length and width- is the size of solar panels
  • 1000 watt / sq. meter is sunlight available at your home

Here is the example to calculate Loom Solar  400 watt solar panel efficiency (400 watts) / (2 meter length) * (1 meter width) * (1000 watt / sq. meter) = 20%

i.e. the efficiency of 400 watt solar panel is 20%.

#9. Where can I buy Solar Panels in Bangladesh?

There are multiple ways to buy solar panels in Bangladesh, such as Inverter and solar shops near you and online store such as,, etc.

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