Driver Units Price in Bangladesh 2023

Driver Units Price in Bangladesh is starts from 2500 taka. A highly intelligible driver unit suited to public address announcement applications is available. You can use the driver unit in combination with a suitable horn (option). Moreover, its powder-coated finish and stainless steel screws ensure the unit’s weatherproof capability. Additionally, by employing a newly developed ring diaphragm, the unit’s high frequency characteristics are guaranteed.

TOA’s Horn Speaker, rated at 50W, is designed for outdoor paging applications in houses of worship, factories, schools, and more. The speaker features newly developed diaphragms employing special heat-resistant polyimide film to prevent moisture absorption and shape changes, as well as improve low-frequency characteristics. Additionally, the TC-651M speaker has been proven to provide over 100 hours of operation at 50W in continuous load tests that meet the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. This speaker achieves high efficiency by minimizing the gap produced during diaphragm bobbin installation in the magnetic circuitry slit.

The TC-651M is specifically designed to ensure high speech clarity and sound quality suitable for music reproduction. It incorporates external hardware made of stainless steel and a 50-micron thick powder paint coating on the mounting bracket and horn for excellent weatherproofing and corrosion resistance. The external horn flare is constructed of aluminum, providing increased shock resistance compared to resin.

Furthermore, the TC-651M is equipped with an input impedance selector switch, offering three steps for 100V line and four steps for 70V line impedance settings. This switch enables easy impedance adjustments without disassembly. It also includes an OFF position to prevent speaker damage due to incorrect impedance settings.

Ahuja and TOA driver units are now available in Bangladesh through the supplier, TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA. Consequently, customers in Bangladesh can now easily access and purchase these high-quality audio equipment brands.