• HTDZ HT-F16/2 Professional Mixing Console


    HT-F16/2: 12 channels Mono and 12 channels Mic input, 2 channel stereo input
    High-performance Microphone Preamplifiers with Switchable Phantom Power
    3-band Channel EQ and High-pass Filters
    Built-in Channel Compressors
    Smooth 60-millimeter Faders & Illuminated Channel ON Switches
    Bright Meters for Visual Level Monitoring

    ৳ 18,500.00
  • Yamaha MG16 Price in Bangladesh

    Yamaha MG16 16-Channel Mixer

    • D-PRE mic preamps deliver clean, transparent, and natural sound
    • 3-band EQ on all mono channels for sound-shaping
    • 1-knob compressors provide straightforward dynamics control
    • Pad switch on mono inputs for managing loud sources
    • Metal chassis for durability
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  • Ahuja SSW-16M 16 Channel Zone Selector

    • Compact and reliable manual zone selector with provision for switching a 100V audio signal to one or more of upto 16 zones.
    • 1 x 100V Input, 16 x 100V Outputs, Manually Switchable.
    • When multiple units of SSW-16M are used, ALL CALL activation is possible from any one SSW-16M, by using LOOP THROUGH facility.
    • Built in relay for ALL CALL.
    • LED indication of selected zones.
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  • ITC T-6600 Bangladesh

    ITC T-6600 Audio Matrix Controller


    ICT T-6600 Bangladesh

    1. Timing and specified point broadcasting

     Clients could use the matching software to write your own program that orders specified source to be played in specified zone. Or you could write the program via fluent buttons on the front panel.

    1. Broadcasting to All zones or partition
    1. Power Management

    T-6600 is built in 6 channel power sequencer and it could be expanded to control more peripherals.

    1.  Function of Remote Paging

    Remote paging console could be connected to the host via network cable. And via functional buttons on the console, users could do paging to all zones or partition. What’s more, the transmission distance is up to 1Km.

    1. Hot-key

    T-6600 provides you with several hot-key to call designated function. And you could custom the hot-key freely via software.

    1.  Function ofForcedVoice Alarm

    When doing voice alarm, T-6600 needs to work with fire signal receiving panel. There’s 3 modes of voice alarm, including all zone voice alarm, zoning voice alarm and adjacent voice alarm.

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