Welcome to our Avtech CCTV Camera Page, where we delve into the world of Avtech CCTV cameras. In this section, we will explore the incredible capabilities and benefits that these advanced surveillance systems provide. From enhancing security measures in your home or business to deterring potential threats, Avtech CCTV cameras offer cutting-edge technology that ensures peace of mind and protection. Whether you are a security enthusiast or simply looking for ways to safeguard your property, join us as we uncover the power and innovation that Avtech CCTV cameras bring to the table.

Avtech Bangladesh

AVTECH, founded in 1996, is one of the world’s leading CCTV manufacturers. With stably increasing revenue and practical business running philosophy, AVTECH has been ranked as the largest public-listed company among the Taiwan surveillance industry. AVTECH makes every effort on the innovation of technology, product and implementation. Based on years of research and industry experience, AVTECH has obtained a leading position on mobile platform support and provides a full range of surveillance products.

EagleEyes, AVTECH’s self-developed mobile application software, is the world’s most downloaded surveillance software. It realizes full-functioned remote control and fulfills the market with growing demands of smart phones and tablets. In 2010, Push Video, a revolutionary active notification system, was introduced on EagleEyes and has been applied to AVTECH’s full range products. Once the alarm is triggered, no later than 5 seconds, a video clip including 5 sec. pre-event recording will be sent to the mobile devices. This technology brings a tremendous change to the industry. It makes surveillance an active protector instead of a passive evidence provider.

With strong market base on analog solutions, AVTECH has also made a breakthrough to meet the coming new era of IP surveillance. New generation standalone NVR is the simplest solution that integrates video surveillance, remote control, and storage. With its support of plug & play technology to simplify the complicated network configurations, all the IP configurations can be completed within 3 minutes automatically. This NVR solution offers users an easy way to record and playback a video on intranet. Furthermore, it serves as NAS for remote offsite backup on the Internet to make a copy of your important images. It supports Full HD 1080P display, giving the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors and showing its advantages completely. A more impressive thing is that it can be configured to be a data source for a CMS (Central Management System) to maximize the efficiency of IP-based surveillance and remote backup.

AVTECH is a company that is willing to embrace challenges, implement new technology, and bring new vision into the industry. We made differences and will continue to do so.

Avtech CCTV Camera Supplier in Bangladesh

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How Avtech CCTV Cameras Enhance Security

Avtech CCTV cameras are known for their ability to provide high-resolution video surveillance. These cameras capture clear and detailed footage of any activities or incidents, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision. Whether it’s monitoring a retail store, office space, or residential area, Avtech CCTV cameras deliver exceptional image quality that leaves no room for doubt.One of the standout features of Avtech CCTV cameras is their wide range of coverage options. These cameras offer PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) capabilities, allowing users to control and monitor specific areas remotely. With PTZ functionality, users can easily adjust the camera’s view and zoom in on specific points of interest, providing a comprehensive and flexible surveillance solution. Furthermore, Avtech CCTV cameras come equipped with advanced motion detection technology. This feature enables the cameras to detect any suspicious movement in their field of view. Once detected, the cameras can send real-time alerts to users, ensuring that they are immediately notified of any potential security threats. This proactive approach enhances the overall security measures and allows for swift action to be taken. In addition to their exceptional performance, Avtech CCTV cameras are designed to withstand various environmental conditions. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or high humidity, these cameras are built to endure and continue providing reliable and continuous surveillance. This durability is especially crucial for outdoor environments where security is paramount. In conclusion, Avtech CCTV cameras are an excellent choice for anyone in need of reliable and high-quality video surveillance. With their high-resolution capabilities, wide range of coverage options, advanced motion detection technology, and ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions, these cameras offer a comprehensive and effective security solution.

The Benefits of Using Avtech CCTV Cameras

Avtech CCTV cameras deliver exceptional image quality, providing high-resolution video surveillance that captures clear and crisp images. This feature is crucial for accurately identifying individuals or incidents, ensuring that no details go unnoticed. Additionally, with Avtech CCTV cameras, you can conveniently monitor your property in real-time from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. This remote monitoring capability offers peace of mind, allowing you to keep an eye on your premises even when you’re away. Furthermore, Avtech CCTV cameras come equipped with advanced motion detection technology. This innovative feature sends instant notifications to your device whenever any unusual activity is detected, ensuring that you are immediately alerted to potential security threats. By promptly addressing such incidents, you can take swift action and prevent any further problems. Lastly, the presence of Avtech CCTV cameras serves as a strong deterrent against potential criminals. The visible presence of these cameras significantly reduces the chances of theft, vandalism, or trespassing, as individuals are aware that they are being monitored. This adds an additional layer of security to your property, enhancing overall safety measures.

Choosing the Right Avtech CCTV Camera for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing an Avtech CCTV camera, there are a few factors to consider that will help you make the right decision for your surveillance needs. First and foremost, think about the resolution you require. Higher resolution cameras are able to capture clearer and more detailed images, ensuring that every important detail is captured with precision. This is particularly important if you need to accurately identify individuals or incidents. Another important consideration is whether you need a wired or wireless camera. Wired cameras provide a more stable and reliable connection, which is great for areas where there may be interference or a need for constant surveillance. On the other hand, wireless cameras offer more flexibility in terms of installation, as they don’t require any physical wiring. This can be beneficial if you have a specific area that needs to be monitored but don’t want to deal with the hassle of wiring. The area you need to monitor is also a crucial factor to consider. Think about the appropriate viewing angle for your needs. If you need to capture a larger area, opt for a camera with a wider angle. This will allow you to monitor a broader range. On the other hand, if you need to focus on a specific area and require more detail, a camera with a narrower angle may be the better choice. Lastly, don’t forget to consider the lighting conditions in the area where the camera will be installed. Different environments have varying light levels, and it’s essential to choose an Avtech CCTV camera that can adapt to these conditions. Look for a camera with appropriate low light performance or infrared capabilities to ensure optimal image quality regardless of the lighting situation. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the right Avtech CCTV camera that meets your specific needs and enhances your overall security measures.

Avtech CCTV Cameras: A Reliable Surveillance Solution

Avtech CCTV Cameras are renowned for their exceptional performance in providing high-quality video surveillance for both indoor and outdoor areas. Whether it’s monitoring your home or business, these cameras deliver clear and crisp images that capture every important detail. What’s more, with Avtech CCTV Cameras, you have the convenience of remote monitoring, allowing you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that you can always stay connected and aware of any activities. Additionally, Avtech CCTV Cameras come equipped with advanced motion detection technology, ensuring that recording is triggered whenever any movement is detected. This innovative feature guarantees prompt notifications, enabling you to quickly react and address any potential security threats. Moreover, these cameras are built to last, known for their durability and reliability, making them an excellent long-term surveillance solution. With Avtech CCTV Cameras, you can trust in their performance and enjoy enhanced security for years to come.

Exploring the Features of Avtech CCTV Cameras

Avtech CCTV cameras are known for their exceptional video quality, offering high-definition footage that is clear and detailed. This ensures that every important detail is captured with precision, allowing for accurate surveillance. Additionally, these cameras are equipped with advanced motion detection capabilities, ensuring that recording is triggered whenever any movement is detected. This feature enables efficient surveillance, as it eliminates the need to continuously monitor the footage and only captures relevant events. Moreover, Avtech CCTV cameras are equipped with night vision technology, which enables round-the-clock monitoring even in low-light conditions. This ensures that your premises are always under surveillance, providing peace of mind and enhanced security. Furthermore, these cameras support remote access and viewing, allowing users to monitor their property from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. This convenient feature provides added flexibility and convenience, as you can always stay connected and aware of any activities happening at your premises. With Avtech CCTV cameras, you can trust in their advanced features and enjoy a reliable surveillance solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Avtech CCTV cameras?

Avtech CCTV cameras are equipped with high-resolution image sensors, ensuring that you can capture clear and sharp video footage. With this superior technology, you can rely on these cameras to provide you with detailed images that accurately capture every important detail. Additionally, these cameras feature a wide viewing angle, allowing you to monitor a larger area without compromising on the quality of the image. This means that you can have a broader surveillance coverage without sacrificing clarity. Furthermore, Avtech CCTV cameras are designed with infrared night vision capabilities. This feature enables the cameras to capture clear footage even in low light or complete darkness. You can rest assured knowing that your premises are under constant surveillance, regardless of the lighting conditions. Lastly, these cameras are equipped with advanced motion detection technology. This innovative feature ensures that you will receive instant alerts on your mobile device whenever any movement is detected. With Avtech CCTV cameras, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will always be notified of any potential security threats.

How do Avtech CCTV cameras work?

Avtech CCTV cameras operate by utilizing high-resolution image sensors to capture video footage. The captured video signals are then transmitted to a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), where they are stored and can be played back at a later time. To ensure clear images even in low light conditions, Avtech CCTV cameras employ techniques such as infrared (IR) technology. This allows the cameras to capture detailed footage even in darkness or low-light environments. Additionally, these cameras are weatherproof, meaning they are designed to withstand various weather conditions. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance applications, providing reliable security surveillance regardless of the environment.

What types of Avtech CCTV cameras are available?

When it comes to Avtech CCTV cameras, there are various types to choose from, each with its own unique features and advantages. One popular option is the dome camera, which is perfect for indoor surveillance. These cameras offer a 360-degree view, allowing you to monitor every angle of a room. They are also easy to install, as they can be mounted on ceilings, making them inconspicuous. Another type of Avtech CCTV camera is the bullet camera, which is designed specifically for outdoor use. These cameras provide a fixed view and are compact in size, making them ideal for discreet installation. If you’re looking for more flexibility in monitoring larger areas, PTZ cameras, also known as Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, are a great option. These cameras can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing you to closely monitor specific areas as needed. With such a wide range of options available, you can choose the Avtech CCTV camera that best suits your surveillance needs.

Are Avtech CCTV cameras suitable for outdoor use?

Avtech CCTV cameras are perfect for outdoor use due to their IP66 and IP67 ratings, which make them resistant to dust and water. This means that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity in outdoor environments. Additionally, these cameras are equipped with IR (infrared) LEDs, enabling them to capture high-quality images even in low-light or no-light conditions. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor surveillance, as they can provide clear and detailed footage regardless of the lighting situation. With their sturdy construction and advanced features, Avtech CCTV cameras are designed to handle the challenges of outdoor surveillance and provide reliable and effective security in any outdoor setting. Whether it’s monitoring your backyard, parking lot, or any other outdoor area, Avtech CCTV cameras have got you covered.

Can I access the footage from Avtech CCTV cameras remotely?

Yes, you can easily access the footage from Avtech CCTV cameras remotely using the Avtech DVR’s built-in web interface. This convenient feature allows you to view the live feed and playback recorded footage from anywhere with an internet connection. To enable remote access, you simply need to connect the Avtech CCTV cameras to a network video recorder (NVR) and then access the NVR’s remote viewing platform. Avtech CCTV cameras support remote access through various methods, including a smartphone app, computer software, or web browser. This flexibility allows you to monitor your property and keep an eye on things even when you are not physically present. With Avtech’s intelligent video management software, you can securely access and control the CCTV camera footage from anywhere in the world, providing you with peace of mind and enhanced security.

Avtech CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh 2023

AVTECH DGC1104 HD IR Dome CCTV Camera3,700.00


In conclusion, Avtech CCTV Cameras are an excellent choice for enhancing security in both residential and commercial settings. These cameras offer a range of benefits, including high-quality video surveillance, remote monitoring capabilities, and advanced motion detection technology. With their exceptional performance and durability, Avtech CCTV Cameras provide a reliable long-term surveillance solution. Additionally, their advanced features such as night vision and remote access ensure round-the-clock monitoring and convenient accessibility from anywhere. By considering factors such as viewing angle and lighting conditions, you can choose the right Avtech CCTV camera that meets your specific needs and enhances your overall security measures. Invest in Avtech CCTV Cameras for peace of mind and enjoy enhanced security for years to come.