• FingerTec R3 Door Access & Time Attendance System

    R3 is the latest biometrics door access and time attendance product from FingerTec, which combines modern technologies, great design and amazing functions in one. This machine features an eye-catching 2.4” color LCD and intuitive touch-panel; made robust to stand the wear and tear of everyday use. Multiple methods of verifica-tion which include fingerprint, card and password are available in R3, providing convenience at its best to busy users. The product comes bundled with Ingress, the perfect door access solution that is loaded with great door access features and comprehensive time attendance features, all without additional charges. With R3, life gets more exciting and secured with keyless door access solution for your life’s convenience

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  • FingerTec Face ID 4d Powerful Facial Recognition Terminal

    FingerTec Face ID 4d, the all-new powerful facial recognition terminal from FingerTec provides solid identity verification through itscontactless biometrics technology, recognizing a face in mere seconds for accurate door access solution. Loaded with Face Biobridge VX 8.0, the latest of face recognition algorithm, detecting facial features during enrollment and verification is made quicker and more accurate, and with the high-resolution camera and infrared feature, face detection is possible even under minimal light. Customized for function, the device comes prepared with door access usage. Face ID 4d is an ideal solution that is suitable for small and medium enterprises, as well as those inneed of a reliable, contactless solution.

    Face Templates: 800 Cards: 10,000 Transaction: 1,00,000

    Origin: Malaysia

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  • Fingertek ta100cr Bangladesh Trimatrik

    FingerTek TA100CR Fingerprint & RFID Attendance

    • Display: 3.0” 65k color TFT screen.
    • Fingerprint Capacity: 8,000
    • Card Capacity: 10,000
    • Log Capacity: 2,00,000
    • Authentication Type: Fingerprint+RF Card+Password
    • Push Technology: Yes
    • Communication: TCP/IP, RS485, RS232
    • Origin: Malaysia
    • Warranty: One Year
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