• Defense Plus DP-2008 Bangladesh

    Defense Plus DP-2008 Hand-Held Metal Detector

    (1). Detection distance:

    Pistol: 90mm; Six Inches knife: 60m; Razor blades: 30mm; Pin: 10mm

    (2).Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

    (3). Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment.

    (4). Large 10cm scan surface for quick, thorough scanning.

    (5). No tools required to change standard 9V battery. Optional rechargeable battery kit

    (6). Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED light and vibration indicates the detection of metal.

    (7). Color LED indication: Green LED power ON indicator; Red LED LOW BATTERY indicator; Red LED ALARM indicator; Green LED RECHARGING indicator.

    (8). Adjustable sensitivity knob.

    (9). Warranty: 12 months

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