Haitian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been the leading manufacturer of innovative conference equipment in Haiti for over 20 years, developing technology to meet individual needs while also providing OEM service upon request.

Innovation and diversity have always been key factors at Haitian Electronics Tech Corporation (HETCO), a company devoted to innovation and research & development across many different fields such as digital conferences, interpretation systems, voting systems wireless microphones meeting microphones among other products which allow them to offer customized services according their clients’ specific requirements

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HTDZ Bangladesh

Haitian Electronic is your one-stop shop for all of your conference needs. From IR wireless, digital video conference system to discussion systems and more!

At Haitian Electronics we take pride in our large assortment of products that are designed with the customer first in mind by using only the highest quality materials while also adhering to strict IS09001:2015 standards. Whether you’re looking for a traditional audio system or something state-ofth-art like an infrared (IR) Wireless Conference System, Digital Video Conferencing System or Discussion Systems – You’ll find it at Haitian Electricians who have been providing customers with excellent service since 1995

Haitian Electronic is dedicated to quality and innovation in the production of their conference system equipment. Their attention to detail has garnered them over 100 patents, as well as awards like CCC, Rohs, CE, FCC and CB certificates for meeting high expectations.

HTDZ Conference System

The HTDZ Conference System is a platform that allows for the hosting of conferences, workshops and meetings. It enables users to create events online, promote them in order to increase attendance and handle participant interaction during an event.

The HTDZ Conference System is designed to provide high definition video conferencing over the internet to small and medium-sized businesses. HTDZ conference system is easy to set up and use. It’s compatible with any tablet or laptop, so everyone can connect easily.

HTDZ Conference System

HTDZ Conference System Bangladesh

HTDZ Wireless Microphone in Bangladesh

HTDZ Wireless Microphone Bangladesh offers a wide range of wireless microphones. HTDZ is the best and most affordable wireless microphone manufacturer in China. We sell HT-220, HT-580, HT-66B, HT-88B for an affordable price.

There are two types of wireless microphones: the handheld type and the lapel types. The first is connected to a transmitter that transmits through radio waves, while the second uses a cordless frequency device. A wireless microphone transmits the audio wirelessly, which means that you don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord.

HTDZ HT-580 in Bangladesh

HTDZ Bangladesh

You can use the HTDZ conference system to talk with your audience. It’s wireless, which makes it easy for you to move around the stage without wires getting in your way.

Welcome to HTDZ Bangladesh. This is a conference system HT-3000 and Wireless Microphone, which makes the conference easy for your voice.

HTDZ HT-3000 Conference System Central Amplifier

The HTDZ HT-3000 Conference System Central Amplifier is a great conference room system for the price. It’s simple to use and has great sound quality. When set up properly, this product ensures great audio quality and consistency throughout the whole space.

Meet the HT-3000 conference system. This device has a built in monitor and loudspeaker to ensure that everyone can hear what’s going on, as well as electric capacity type speakers for your microphone so you don’t need cords! With sensitive sound equipment at 42 ± 2dB and an extended frequency range from 40 Hz up to 16 kHz, this is the perfect audio solution for any meeting or event with 15 people max.

HTDZ HT-3000 Bangladesh

HTDZ HT-7000 Conference System Central Amplifier

The HTDZ HT-7000 Conference System Central Amplifier is used to amplify the sound of a Conference system. The frequency response and input sensitivity are both high, and it has wide dynamic range. It can be easily installed using its mounting.

This HTDZ is a high-quality audio system that has been used for conferences and meetings. It’s great because it has an outstanding noise reduction feature. It also comes with a wireless microphone that you can use to conduct presentations or have conversations during meeting.

HTDZ HT-220 VHF Wireless Microphone System

The HTDZ HT-220 VHF Wireless Microphone System is a revolutionary mic system that eliminates feedback and noise with the latest PLL frequency synthesizer technology. It uses multiple channels to prevent any interference, making it perfect for use in both large events like concerts or lecture halls as well as medium sized spaces such as classrooms or small gatherings. The product contains advanced chips and components which make sure its anti-jamming performance never disappoints you! You’ll always be able to have crystal clear sound without interruptions thanks to this amazing new device from HTDZ!

By using a VHF 240 MHz~270 MHz PLL frequency synthesizer technology, the system filters out interference signals with high and intermediate bands. A built-in feedback eliminating circuit can decrease noise and feedback while an SMD original mount design enhances stability. It reaches up to 60 meters which is perfect for any venue!