Non Woven Bag BD

Non Woven Bag BD:

Non woven bag is use against polythene bags. Now a days bag is very essential for any shopping & Delivery. Non woven bag is too much popular for this purpose. Carry Bag BD is here to serve you a better quality bags & best price.

CARRY BAG BD | 01533-314920

Office Address: Holding# 94 (Beside Jamtola Masjid), Super Market, Azampur Kachabazar
Dakkhinkhan, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.

Non Woven Bag BD
Non Woven Bag BD

Best Non Woven Bag Supplier in Bangladesh: Most Popular non woven bag supplier in Bangladesh. Best price & Quality Products Guarantee. We provide D-Cut, W-Cut, Handle Bags. A dedicated full auto non-oven bag manufacturing unit based in Bangladesh with 3,00,00,000 pcs bag a month production capacity. Started its operation in 2019 by a team experienced and professionals in the field of non-oven bag industry. The carry bag BD is acknowledged in the Industry as one of the most modern and reliable in the region. Besides quality check equipment, office computerized inventory control system which helps our factory ensure quick turnover time to meet the customer’s time line and drives optimal results and continued customer satisfaction.

Our Products:

1. Non-oven D cut bag.
2. Non-oven W cut bag.
3. Non-oven handle bag.
4. Non-oven shoe bag.
5. Non-oven head seat cover (Bus, Train, Air)

Vision:- We want to make sure a community with healthy practice to save our future and decrease the

threat for our environment. For that reason, we produce the eco-friendly non-oven tissue bag against the usage of plastic bag. We have a professional, expert and service oriented team to ensure the best opportunity to help our customers to get the best services. With a friendly professional relationship with our customers we want to achieve our precious success. Call: 01533-314920

Carry Bag BD

Tissue Bag Supplier BD

Carry Bag BD

অফিস ঠিকানা: হোল্ডিং নং-৯৪ (জামতলা মসজিদের পাসে), আজমপুর সুপার মার্কেট, আজমপুর, দক্ষিণখান উত্তরা, ঢাকা-১২৩০।

Hotline: 01533-314920




Non Woven Tissue Bag in Bangladesh
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