Internet Connection Uttara Sector 4 & Sector 6

broadband internet connection in uttara dhaka

Internet Connection Uttara Sector 4 & Sector 6

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing from Comilla Online (Internet Service Provider). We are keen to provide our services to valuable client. We are Six years old company and our services are provided to the major companies. And Internet Service are provided to Home and companies. We are considered as the best by our clients and it would be an honour to provide our services to you. Please see enclosed catalogue to know our rates and services.

Hoping positive response.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Comilla Online Team (Uttara)

Hotline: 01866-970202


Our Packages:

Shared Bandwidth Packages (A):

Silver1 MbpsTk. 1,000/-
Gold2 MbpsTk. 1,500/-
Platinum3 MbpsTk. 2,000/-
Diamond4 MbpsTk. 2,500/-
Sky6 MbpsTk. 3,000/-


Shared Bandwidth Packages (B):

TOSP11 MbpsTk. 800/-
TOSP22 MbpsTk. 1,200/-
TOSP33 MbpsTk. 1,500/-
TOSP44 MbpsTk. 1,800/-
TOSP55 MbpsTk. 2,000/-


  • Dedicated Bandwidth 2,000Tk. Per MB


► Bufferless YouTube 1080p HD Video   ► High Speed Facebook browsing

► High Speed FTP Servers                      ► High Speed Torrent Servers

► Online Gaming                                      ► Live TV

Internet Connection Uttara Sector 4 & Sector 6

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