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Hard tag Detacher

Hard tag Detacher

Tag detacher is used for removing the EAS hard tags, by separating a tag pin from the hard tag. Vikson supplies many styles of detachers matches for different hard tags

EAS system (Electronic Article Surveillance) is a effective technological method for preventing merchandise from shoplifting. With more than 20 years’ development, nowadays the EAS technology are able to be applied on almost any areas, from variety merchandise in the retail stores, books and music in the libraries, and even to be used for protecting some important properties in the office buildings.

EAS system mainly includes detection system and deactivation system.

EAS detection system includes RF sensor and AM sensor.
RF sensor is used for detecting RF tags and labels; AM sensor is used for detecting AM tag and DR labels.
RF deactivator is used for decoding RF labels; AM deactivator is used for decoding AM/DR labels.
Magnetic detachers are used for opening AM and RF hard tags.
Vikson supplies complete EAS systems with high performance, Gorgeous outlook and multiple styles.

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