Hand Metal Detector Bangladesh

Hand Metal Detector Bangladesh

Hand Metal Detector Bangladesh, Hand Metal Detector Price Bangladesh

Functions and features:

* It equipped with leather case can be operated simply and is portable

* It can be charged. The time of charging is 4 – 6 hours (the charger is not included
in this item)

* The indicator light is off or keeps on alarming when the voltage is deficient

* It has double indication modes, namely sound and light and vibration

* It is the first model to adopt the automatic reset function switch to change sensitivity
* It can adjust sensitivity

* As one of the most popular models, it can be applied to all fields

Technical parameters:

External dimensions: L410 x 85 x 45mm

Packaging dimensions: 44.5 x 26.5 x 52cm

Product weight: 25kg/box, 13.3kg/box

Working power supply: 6F22ND 9V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery)
Alarm modes: simultaneous sound (vibration) and light alarm



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