Guard Spirit XYT2101-LCD Multi-zone Walk Through Metal Detector

Guard Spirit XYT2101LCD Bangladesh

Guard Spirit XYT2101-LCD Bangladesh

Technical parameter: 
Electric current: AC85V~264V/50-60HZ
Power: <20W, low consume, low radiation
Gross weight: 70KG
Workplace environment: -20℃~+50℃
Standard: GB15210-2003, CE
Standard External size: 2230mm(H)X835mm(W)X580mm(D)
Standard Internal size: 1990mm(H)X700mm(W)X500mm(D)

Characteristic & Function:
 5.7 Inch LCD Screen With Infrared Remote Control

 6-18/8-24 Zones Can Be Chosen

 21Present Programs For Working Applications

 Adopt DSP Replaced Traditional Analog Signal Control

 Friendly Windows Interface, Easy To Operate

 Program Self-diagnose When Power On

 Sensitivity Adjustable:0-255 Steps

 Anti-interference

 4 hours Battery Backup

 PVC Material, Waterproof & Moisture-proof

 Adjustable Passing Speed: Up To 100 Persons/min

 Network Support:(For Option)

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