Face Detection Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Face Detection Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

ZKTeco is now presenting the uFace Plus Multi-Biometric T&A and A&C Terminal, which supports 3,000 palm templates, 3,000 face templates, 4,000 fingerprint templates, and 10,000 cards (optional).

It is equipped with ZKTeco’s latest hardware platform and algorithm like 3-in-1 contactless palm recognition (Palm Shape, Palm Print and Palm Vein), so the terminal can perform bio-authentication with the palm vein, palm print, and the shape of the palm when the sensor detects a hand presented.

The terminal’s touchless palm authentication method with a novel hand tracking technique allows angle tolerance as wide as +/-60° in the roll axis. With the advanced palm and face algorithm and multi-biometric verification technology, users may enjoy the terminal’s enhanced anti-spoofing ability and its significantly enhanced security level.

ZKTeco uFace302 Bangladesh
Face Attendance

Face Detection Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh:

Latest ZKTeco ModelsPrice (BDT)
ZKTeco uFace302 (Face+Finger+RFID)                           23,500.00
ZKTeco uFace800 (Face+Finger+RFID)                           24,500.00
ZKTeco uFace402 (Face+Finger+RFID)                            24,500.00
ZKTeco sFace900 (Face+Finger+RFID)                           27,500.00
ZKTeco MB20 (Face+Finger+RFID)                             9,500.00
ZKTeco MB30 (Face+Finger+RFID)                           10,500.00
ZKTeco MB2000 (Face+Finger+RFID)                           17,500.00
ZKTeco G3 (Green Level) (Face+Finger+RFID)                           42,000.00

Display: 4.3-inch Touch Screen
Face Capacity: 3,000
Palm Capacity: 3,000
Fingerprint Capacity: 4,000

Face Detection Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Wiegand Reader | Slave Reader BD:

ZKTeco FR1200 (Finger+RFID) Wiegand Reader                              6,500.00
ZKTeco FR1300 (Finger+RFID)                              6,500.00
ZKTeco FR1500 (Finger+RFID)                              7,000.00

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