EAS Bangladesh

EAS System bd 

  • Frequency: 8.2MHz
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimension: 1570x420x60mm
  • 100~230VAC
  • Soft Label: 1.0m
  • Hard Tags: 2.0m

EAS System bd

Main Features

1.DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology with high sensitivity.

2.Auto noise filtering to counter interference and minimize false alarm.

3.High pick rate with ability to distinguish moving and static tags & labels.

4.Easy installation with simple synchronization by normal wires in connection.

5.Audible and visual alarm indication with adjustable speaker and LED light.

EAS RF Gate 8.2MHZ Price in Bangladesh
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RF Antennas:

We provide retailers with a cost effective Eas platform,the RF antenna provides a high resistance against interference and outing detection,widely used in clothing shops,bag shops,supermarket,etc.


a.High resistance against interference

b.Better noise immunity,more stable in noisy environment

c.Broader exit protection

d.DSP digital singal processing technology

e.Good designs,frame can be Aluminum alloy,Acrylic.

f.Good quality with high price ratio

Electronic article surveillance is a technological method for preventing shoplifting from retail stores, pilferage of books from libraries or removal of properties from office buildings. Special tags are fixed to merchandise or books. These tags are removed or deactivated by the clerks when the item is properly bought or checked out. At the exits of the store, a detection system sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts the staff when it senses active tags. Some stores also have detection systems at the entrance to the restrooms that sound an alarm if someone tries to take unpaid merchandise with them into the restroom. For high-value goods that are to be manipulated by the patrons, wired alarm clips called spider wrap may be used instead of tags.

Hard tag Detacher(Opens in a new browser tab)

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Security Tag Detacher Supplier is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA as a high-tech enterprise invested its actions in combating electrical self-defense techniques and to develop security equipment and security tags. We are one of the leading manufacturers in Bangladesh. The Security Tag Remover Detacher, Security Tag Detacher Supplier is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA .

Security tag remover price in Bangladesh

No.Product NameLatest Price
01.EAS Security Tag Detacher Remover Magnet6,500 Taka
02.EAS Handheld Hard Tag Remover9,500 Taka
Security tag remover price in Bangladesh

Security tag remover price in Bangladesh

EAS Security System

Electronic article surveillance, also known as EAS, is a type of technology that protects products from shoplifting. EAS is typically utilized in anti-theft systems in retail stores but can also be seen in libraries, museums, and office buildings. EAS usually requires one or more antennas for active and passive functions anddisambiguation reference.

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA technicians are experts in the Electronic anti-theft security system (EAS). We are a reputable supplier in Bangladesh. Security Tags detacher is a security tool for your store or chain. EAS protection is an electronics countermeasure system.

Electronic article surveillance, or EAS, is a form of technology that deters retail theft of electronic devices. EAS is most often used in loss prevention systems in retail outlets but can also be installed in libraries and office buildings. EAS usually involves three components: one electronic antenna, a very short transmission range, and a sound receiver.

As a high-tech business, TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA security Electronics anti-theft system (EAS). We are one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. Security Tag Detacher, Security Tag Detacher Supplier is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA. EAS Security is cloud-based protection for your shop or retail business and “electronic article surveillance” is language that describes electronic theft prevention. An EAS Security system usually requires tags with special tracking chip and is attached to each item.

An electronic article surveillance detector, also known as EAS, is a monitoring technology for shoplifting prevention. EAS is most commonly installed in stores, but is also utilized in libraries and office buildings. EAS generally requires three components: at least one electronic antenna.

Developing a foil-lined booster bag that resides inside the EAS sensor’s security panels is a widely used trick for creating tags inactive. One common way to defeat even active EAS tags is to line a plastic bag with a conductive foil, which bags can be securely placed in and shielded from lock-and-tag devices at store exit detectors by. A common method for defeating even active EAS tags is by using a sheet of conductive foil as a means to armor the tagged items located in the bag in the overhead security detector compartment at the store’s exit.

How are EAS tags deactivated

Tags that are attached to specialty products can be affixed by the clerk and activated at checkout. Clerks have the option of removing deactivated tags from the exits of the store. Security systems can be turned on or off by staff members, in relation to tags.

Prices of merchandise include special tags that facilitate checkout or assist in keeping track of what merchandise has been purchased. Special security tags at the safety catch at points of egress sound an alarm or otherwise alert the staff when their sensor is active.

Does aluminum foil Stop store alarms

Foil can block security tags, as will aluminum foil. Because of these traits, aluminum foil is often used to block information from anti-theft sensors.

Is aluminum foil able to block security tags? Yes, aluminum foil can block security tags. Therefore, it is often used to block sensors from detecting signals from security devices. The reason why this happens is because you’re placing numerous layers of foil over the sensor, which blocks the signals they rely on.

How do stores detect stolen items?

RF (radio-frequency) is one type of anti-theft alarm, while RFID (radio-frequency identification) is useful for other applications, including tracking pets and library inventory.

An anti-shoplifting alarm employs technology known as RF (radio-frequency), while a more advanced counterpart called RFID (radio-frequency identification) has several other uses, such as tracking pets and inventorying at public libraries.

The RF technology used in a shoplifting alarm overactive in parking lots. RFID technology has some (and equally useful) other applications, such as mass the transportation of animals on zoos and public transportation fare collecting in bus stations.

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